Bryan Nickel's Hydroplate Theory Tutorial

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Bryan Nickel's Hydroplate Theory Tutorial

Bryan Nickel, a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry, produced and narrates this in-depth tutorial of Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory. Nickel's videos explain the mechanisms of the global flood and the resulting aftermath.



Part 1: Hydroplate theory, Genesis, overview, where'd the water come from and go

Part 2: Supercritical water, pre-flood conditions, mid-oceanic ridge, solar system consequences
Part 3: Sedimentary layers, fossils, liquefaction, sea-floor spreading problems
Part 4: Compression event, magma chamber, plateaus, grand canyon

Part 5: Mammoths & tropical fossil forests in Arctic, the Big Roll, 90 East Ridge

Part 6: Ocean trenches, plate tectonics problems, ring of fire origin, 365-day year, earth's core Part 7: Origin of comets, asteroids, and meteoroids
Part 8: Origin of Earth's radioactivity
Part 9: The 90 East Ridge location