Bryan Nickel's Hydroplate Theory Tutorial - Blu-ray, DVD & Download

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Bryan Nickel's Hydroplate Theory Tutorial

Bryan Nickel, a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry, produced and narrates this in-depth tutorial of Dr. Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory. Nickel's videos explain the mechanisms of the global flood and the resulting aftermath.



Part 1: Hydroplate theory, Genesis, overview, where'd the water come from and go

Part 2: Supercritical water, pre-flood conditions, mid-oceanic ridge, solar system consequences
Part 3: Sedimentary layers, fossils, liquefaction, sea-floor spreading problems
Part 4: Compression event, magma chamber, plateaus, grand canyon

Part 5: Mammoths & tropical fossil forests in Arctic, the Big Roll, 90 East Ridge

Part 6: Ocean trenches, plate tectonics problems, ring of fire origin, 365-day year, earth's core Part 7: Origin of comets, asteroids, and meteoroids
Part 8: Origin of Earth's radioactivity
Part 9: The 90 East Ridge location



(2 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    This was wonderful!

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Aug 2019

    The information in here is great! Super high quality and really helped me grasp the Hydroplate Theory when before it was actually really confusing to me.

  • 5
    This is an incredible presentation

    Posted by Frank Moore on 13th Mar 2019

    This is the best presentation of the Hydroplate Theory I have ever seen. It presents a great deal of complex information in a very easy to understand way.