The Big Difference by Bob Hill

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The Big Difference Between the Two Gospels

In this book Bob Hill examines the Covenant of Circumcision, its gospel and epistles in contrast with the mystery, Paul's gospel and his epistles.

Chapter 1 - The gospel of the circumcision in Galatians two.

Chapters 2-5 - Principles and requirements of the circumcision covenant, the law given to Moses, the kingdom promised to David and the dispensational ramifications of the Kingdom and circumcision =.

Chapters 6-8 - Subject-matters related to the kingdom program and its requirements, contrasted with the requirement necessary to become members of the body of Christ.

Chapters 9-16 Elements of the circumcision gospel in its epistles (Hebrew-Revelation), which are different from the material in Paul's epistles.

About the Author

Bob graduated from Long Beach State University with a B.A. in history. Previously he attended the University of Illinois, where he majored in chemistry, and UCLA where he majored in zoology and Greek. He married Joan, and they raised six children. After college, he became a pharmaceutical representative. From the time he got saved in 1951, Bob has been an avid student of systematic theology. His hunger for God's word motivated him to study nightly into the early hours of the morning. For the past 48 years, Bob has studied theology over 20 hours a week. Although he never attended a Bible College or seminary, his knowledge of theology has become legendary. Bob became the pastor of Derby Bible Church in Commerce City, Colorado in June, 1972. The Grace Gospel Fellowship ordained him in 1974. That same year he began Derby School of Theology. This school was founded to train men for the pastoral ministry. Courses are now taught in Greek, systematic theology, biblical theology, counseling, homiletics, and evangelism. These courses are taught with the goal of preparing men and women to love God with their whole being and to be able to teach and defend the truth of God's word according to the dispensation of grace. Bob also hosts a radio call-in program called Biblical Answers. It's purpose is to address the difficult questions that rarely get answered by mainstream Christianity.