Bob Debates Atheist Reggie Finley

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If you enjoy debating atheists, you'd probably learn a lot and really have fun hearing the entire four-hour debate on our Bob Debates Atheist Reginald Finley MP3 CD or instant download. We're also throwing in a bonus. On Reggie's website, he lists 22 arguments against the existence of God. We suggested to Reggie that we could avoid a wandering discussion that gets bogged down by using his list of arguments as an outline, such that he could go through the whole list, and make all twenty-two arguments as Bob responds to each. Reggie said he would rather have the unstructured discussion, which was fine with us. However, we asked a member of Denver Bible Church who is a former atheist to role play Reginald Finley in studio to give Bob the opportunity to illustrate how a biblical worldview provides strong rebuttals to Reggie's answers! So we've included that material also for a total of six hours of apologetics training learning how to respond to an atheist!