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This climatic third volume concludes John’s Gospel. Six days before the crucifixion, Mary of Bethany anointed Christ’s head and feet. The next day the people of Jerusalem hail Him as King. By week’s end, Jesus would be betrayed to His enemies and rejected by the crowd. The powerful father-and-son-in-law team of Annas and Caiaphas put Him on trial as did Pontius Pilate also. He died on a Roman cross in the place of a murderer named Barabbas, in the place of a sinner named Adam, and in the place of a Christian named...

Every story has a plot, and a story’s details can be confusing unless you understand its overview. The Bible tells the story of human history and the work of God for His creation, and this story has a plot as well! Grasping the big picture will help you reconcile many seemingly contradictory, and controversial Bible passages. Achieve a fuller understanding of God’s plan from Genesis to Revelation and equip yourself to share God’s Word with friends and family. Listen to The Plot series and see how the big picture can help you to understand the living God.

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