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Instead of getting Bob Enyart's resources one at a time, you can save time, a LOT of money, and begin to equip yourself for the rest of your life to live better, serve the Lord better, and make a more godly impact on your friends, family, and nation! The entire Enyart Library not only includes the DVDs, books and CDs created by Bob Enyart, it also includes select 3rd-party resources that Bob strongly recommends, including a handful of the most wonderful books, CDs and DVDs available anywhere! Valued separately, the resources in the Enyart Library would cost over $5,000, but you can save so much, more than 50%, by getting them all at once! Yes, for $1,999 you can own a copy of every one of Bob Enyart's books, CDs, and DVDs, and so much more, and importantly, you'll be helping BEL stay on the air and continue to reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the principles of His Word! (All audio is now on MP3 CDs..)

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