Sponsor A Show!


Product Overview

We’re looking for twenty new monthly donors who will sponsor one show a month. We run about 20 broadcasts and it costs us about $150 dollars per show. If just you and 19 others can help us guarantee that the show goes on, our Biblically centered teachings will go out to thousands more.

The ministries of so many Godly leaders, authors & preachers have been magnified tenfold, or even a hundredfold after their passing. Think of C.S. Lewis, and how he still, today has such an impact on millions. We have no doubt Bob Enyart could have a similar impact, and your sponsorship of just one show a month will be a massive force to magnify this ministry, and the Gospel. So if you can help, and sponsor just one show a month, that would be a massive blessing.

So far, we have 10 out of the 20 sponsors we're looking for!

Thanks so much, Godspeed!

~The Bob Enyart Live Staff