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Do you know anyone who does not believe in Christ’s resurrection? What a fantastic witnessing tool we have in this Mount Moriah video! Bob brings secular resources to bear on the question of the resurrection of Jesus. Non-Christians can write a letter requesting a free copy of this video (non-Christians only: mail your request to Bob Enyart, PO Box 583, Arvada CO 80001). If you are already a Christian, you’ll be thrilled when you learn about all the evidence that exists which supports the resurrection, from prophecies to history, to archaeology, to details of the city, the geography, the skull, the garden, and the tomb.

This entertaining video will show you:

  • evidence of Christ's resurrection that has remained for 2,000 years
  • the link between the crucifixion and Isaac's Moriah experience
  • The link between the ram caught in the thorns and Christ's crown
  • what ancient Hebrew prophecies predicted about Christ's death
  • what God said about this one particular hill in Jerusalem
  • the New Testament clues which still point to Christ's actual tomb
  • the geographic reasons why God chose Jerusalem
  • that 1,500 years after He carved the law in stone, God carved grace in stone
  • how to answer those who ask...

There's a mountain of evidence for Christ's resurrection!

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(2 reviews) Write a Review

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    It's an excellent but a dated production.

    Posted by James Scrobko on 15th Jul 2019

    I know the truth is timeless. In that sense this is excellent.. But subtract stars for the style of the production.For example the menu could stand to be updated with real titles rather than numbered Chapters. It's something like the difference you feel when you watch an old movie vs. a recently made movie. I would very much like to see this redone as a more current production. The material on the proximity of the place of the crucifixion, the site of Golgotha, and the garden tomb really makes the Bible narrative come alive-- for me it was powerful.

    Also, I had problems getting it to open. But eventually we figured it out.
    Thanks for asking for a review. God bless!

  • 5
    mt. meriah

    Posted by nick anderson on 15th Apr 2018

    This video is just so awesome. It is so much fun to learn about all the evidence for the resurrection..It gives us so much hope that we will live forever with the Lord.