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One of the most important events in Bible history occurs in the city of Joppa, twice. What is that event? And why did it happen twice? When God saw that the Assyrians repented at Jonah’s preaching, then God repented from the disaster that He had said He would bring upon Nineveh, and He did not do it. How can this be? Later, Nahum warned Nineveh that if would fall just like the city of King Tut.

For over a quarter century Bob Enyart has studied God’s Word praying for the wisdom to share the truth of Scripture with a lost and dying world. Now you can benefit from this very exciting Bible study. The James and Jude study seriously tackles fascinating aspects of their letters. Before listening to these tapes, Bob strongly urges that you read The Plot manuscript or listen to the Bible Overview album that will introduce you to the plot of the Bible. That prerequisite lays the foundation for the more advanced teachings within. Again, listening to these tapes without first benefiting from the earlier groundwork can actually be harmful to a Christian’s spiritual walk. Even mature believers should heed this!

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