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This understandable, comprehensive, and meticulously documented resource will give new insight to readers of all backgrounds. In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood takes a different look at a currently hot topic. Evidence that could revolutionize our understanding of origins is carefully explained. You will be challenged to consider fresh ideas in this age-old debate.

Part I of In the Beginning discusses, in quick overview, 136 categories of evidence from biology, astronomy, and the physical and earth sciences. More technical discussions and documentation are found in the author's extensive endnotes.

  • Does the scientific evidence support evolution or creation?
  • What insights do genetics and the fossil record provide?
  • What discoveries in outer space relate to our beginnings?
  • How old is the earth?
  • Does NoahÂ’s Ark exist? What is the CIA's "Ararat Anomaly"?

Part II introduces and describes the hydroplate theory - a new theory developed after more than 30 years of study by Dr. Walt Brown, a former evolutionist. This theory explains a catastrophic event in earth's history and answers a host of previously unexplained questions raised by physical observations. For decades, evolutionists complained that creationists only criticized evolution and did not have sound scientific theories of their own. The hydroplate theory ends that complaint and explains, with overwhelming evidence, earth's defining geological event - a worldwide flood.

  • If there was a global flood, where did all the water come from? Where did it go?
  • How did the Grand Canyon form?
  • How did submarine canyons, mountains, and oceanic trenches form?
  • What suddenly froze and buried mammoths in Siberia and Alaska? How could they live at polar latitudes?
  • How did rock strata and fossils form?
  • How did comets, asteroids, and meteoroids form?

Thirty frequently asked questions from those attending seminars by Dr. Brown fill a fascinating Part III, including:

  • Have physical traces of Adam and Eve been detected within us?
  • How can the study of creation be scientific?
  • Is Archaeopteryx a fraud?
  • How accurate is radiocarbon dating?
  • What about the dinosaurs?
  • Because galaxies are billions of light-years away, isn't the universe billions of years old?
  • Is there life in outer space?

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