How To Train Your Politician - 227 pg.

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Product Overview

The Establishment thinks all they have to do is slap a Ronald Reagan mask on their socialist candidate and we’ll vote for them. 

What’s worse – we do!!! 

This kind of voting behavior is what got us Speaker Boehner. 

We're doing this to ourselves, by voting in the interests of the Establishment, not in our own interests. 

Turning things around is going to require a paradigm shift. 

How can we get back on top of this again, and stop getting nominees like Mitt Romney and John McCain? How do we achieve victory for solid conservatives instead, who will lead our country out of this statist mess? 

Ed Hanks lays that out in How to Train Your Politician. 

Topics include: 
• How the GOP Establishment trained conservatives to vote for progressive socialists 
• How “lesser of two evils” voting and compromised leadership undermine conservatism 
• Special discussions about the Tea Party and Christian conservatives 
• How Third Parties influence politics, even without winning. 
• Why Establishment candidates lose, and how elections are really won 
• How we can train political parties to respond to our agenda instead 
• A preview of an upcoming book on Personhood and the Right to Life 

Ed Hanks' viewpoint and proposed solutions may seem radical or extreme. Definitely different from what the Party's talking heads teach us. But he lay out my case logically and support it with evidence.