Focus on the Strategy I

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In Focus on the Strategy, using audio and video clips of Christian leaders, Bob Enyart presents seven lines of evidence that our national ministries have endorsed legal positivism, elevating man's rules and the Constitution above God, and giving them precedence above eternal laws such as Thou shall not murder.

This blockbuster DVD demonstrates that legal positivism (secular humanism in law) is eroding even the personal morality of Christian believers. On Nov. 2, 2005 Family Research Council gave us an example of raw legal positivism when Gary Bauer defended Judge Samuel Alito for voting to uphold Partial Birth Abortion for process reasons, because it was his job as a judge. However, God cares about the souls of judges as much as others; and a judge who upholds the murder of the innocent is no less guilty before God than a criminal who kills his victim.

Whereas Peter said to the leaders of his day, "We must obey God rather than men," our Christian leaders have lost their way, and now openly embrace legal positivism. This humanist theory requires obedience to the U.S. Constitution, even when that obedience results in violating God's eternal, moral commands including Thou Shall Not Murder.

Flip Benham, national director of Operation Rescue / OSA, produced this one-hour blockbuster analysis of Christian political strategy. Filmed before a live audience of 300 Christian activists, in Focus on the Strategy Bob Enyart reveals to the public the private presentation he gave at Focus on the Family to Tom Minnery, Dr. James Dobson's VP of Public Policy. This political analysis ends with four specific recommendations for Christians to implement as we seek to influence our culture and government for Christ.

(We offer this Focus on the Strategy DVD in quantity at a large discount because it is the most powerful presentation we've ever produced and it successfully convinces Christians that we need to assess our failed Christian political strategy, and replace its weaknesses with insightful and powerful principles of justice and government!)

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