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Fascinating ancient letters dramatize Israel's struggle with the ancient kings of the Medes and the Persians and with their neighbors. Why did God forbid the Jews from marrying their Gentile neighbors? Through Ezra the priest, God even commanded Israel to divorce their pagan wives. Contrarily, through the Apostle Paul, God commands Christians to stay married to unbelievers. Why did God issue different commands to Israel and the Body of Christ regarding divorce and marriage, what are the similarities, and what are the differences?

Every story has a plot, and a story’s details can be confusing unless you understand its overview. The Bible tells the story of human history and the work of God for His creation, and this story has a plot as well! Grasping the big picture will help you reconcile many seemingly contradictory, and controversial Bible passages. Achieve a fuller understanding of God’s plan from Genesis to Revelation and equip yourself to share God’s Word with friends and family. Consider listening to The Plot series based on Bob’s manuscript of the same title. Then enjoy Bob’s book studies and see how the big picture can help you to better know the living God.

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