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"Symbols" concludes Bob Enyart's three-part series, Exodus Story, Exodus (legal) Code, and Exodus Symbols. So although we begin with the apologetics presented in our Evidence for the Exodus series, Bob then goes far beyond that to present a verse-by-verse study of the last section of this second book of Moses.
The Holy Spirit inspired this deliverer of Israel to write down their symbolic ordinances, those of the sacrifices, the tabernacle, and the priesthood. But what does it all mean? Jesus taught that the Scriptures speak of Him. So, that is how we interpret the symbolic sections of the Hebrew Bible. The portions of Scripture that contain less historical narrative and more religious ritual tell us much about Christ, His sacrifice, and His mission. So, along with the teacher, the student too must begin by keeping Jesus Christ foremost in mind and in interpretation. This study uses that primary methodology, that the shed blood, the ark of the testimony, and the mediators, all speak of the Messiah. Then, Bob applies the other lessons learned from his Hermeneutics: Tools for Understanding the Bible. As a result, the meaning of many symbolic details, particulars that at first may seem mysterious and even inscrutable, often become clear as we conclude our verse-by-verse study of The Exodus!
This pre-covid study, because it expounds on the eternally relevant Word of God, provided insights on best-practices that America's NIH, CDC, and the international WHO could have benefited from. Consider that God, through Moses, in Leviticus 3500 years ago gave practical diagnosis and treatment instructions for the kinds of infectious diseases they were experiencing at that point in Israel's history. Diagnose from bodily discharges. Quarantine infected people. Observation. Extend observation period if symptoms persist. Cleansing with water. Clothing and personal items washed, discarded, or even burned. The inherent warning was that one person or object can infect another. All of this was revealed thousands of years before biblical creationists discovered for the world the germ theory of disease. Undoubtedly these ideas were in biblical creationist Joseph Lister's mind when he laid the foundation for saving hundreds of millions of lives. And the covid did bring renewed attention, in Bible-literate circles, to the Scripture's astounding wisdom including its instruction to quarantine those with symptoms, not those without...
Every story has a plot, and a story’s details can be confusing unless you understand its overview. Grasping the big picture will help you reconcile many seemingly contradictory, and controversial Bible passages. Achieve a fuller understanding of God’s plan from Genesis to Revelation and equip yourself to share God’s Word with friends and family. Consider listening to The Plot series based on Bob’s book of the same title. Then enjoy Bob’s other book studies and see how the big picture can help you to better know the living God.