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An avid evolutionist vs. Bob. The debate is decided in the first round, by TKO. That’s after Bob asked the well-known anti-creationism scientist for any evidence that any high level function had ever evolved, like eye sight, or hearing, or flight, or mobility in general? This evolutionary scientist could offer no such evidence. Not only was Bob the only one left standing, but Eugenie Scott, (PHD in Physical Anthropology), was still reeling at the close of the show. The best she offered was "junk DNA". It turns out of course that, according to a paper in the journal Nature by 440 genetic researchers, so far, 80 percent of the human genome is believed to have function. History is confirming Bob's prediction, that the early knee-jerk reaction by evolutionists that DNA is filled with junk would be shown false, as more and more function, including vital functions, is discovered within the human genome (and every other genome studied, for that matter). Bob would love a rematch. But Ms. Scott, who had just debated evolution on a nationwide PBS television program, ended the show stating, "Well, I don’t debate." We agree. DVD or Download MP4 Video