Battle Royale X: Is the Future Settled or Open? (Audio)

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Bob Enyart, pastor of Denver Bible Church, debates Professor Sam Lamerson of D. James Kennedy's Knox Theological Seminar in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida. (TOL) hosted a debate on Openness because of the popularity of the issue, and because of the centrality of the matter. The Open View holds that the future isnot settled, but open, and therefore unknowable. The Settled View is aconvenient name for the divergent theological positions that agree intheir opposition to the Open View. Most Christians, regardless of their stand on predestination and free will, believe that the future is exhaustively foreknown and settled, and therefore not open.

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TOL hasbecome one of the more popular web sites for discussing the Bible,evangelizing unbelievers, and debating creation, morality, currentevents, and theology. Founded by elders of Colorado’s Denver BibleChurch, over the years, thousands of TOL members have posted millions ofquestions and comments, and thousands more people read the boards (theforums, discussion threads, and Battle Royales). So, we expect thatduring the debate and for years to come, a significant audience willread and evaluate Battle Royale X on Openness Theology.

Samuel Lamerson, Ph.D.
Bob Jones University, B.A.; Knox Theological Seminary, M.Div.,magnacumlaude; Trinity International University, Ph.D.

As a Knox graduate, Professor Lamerson is uniquely qualified to sharefirst-hand experiences with students. Additionally, he brings with him16 years of pastoral experience ranging from senior pastor to directorof children's ministries. Prior to coming to Knox, Professor Lamersonpreviously taught at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

As a member of several scholarly societies, he is a frequent lecturerand has presented papers on various topics including the parables,contextualization of the Gospel, and ethics. His areas of specialinterest include the synoptic Gospels, the historical Jesus, forgivenessin Second-Temple Judaism, and the parables.


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