1 Samuel Vol 1: Eli & Saul

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First Samuel: Eli and Saul, introduces you to three important people. Eli - the high priest of Israel, Saul of the tribe of Benjamin - Israel's first king, and Samuel himself, whose lifespan bridged two periods of Israel's history. This pivotal prophet connected the time of the Judges with that of the Kings. Learn why this seer held such a prominent place that Peter would ignore the preceding prophets saying, "Yes, and all the prophets, from Samuel and those who follow" (Acts 3:24).

Every story has a plot, and a story's details can be confusing unless you understand its overview. The Bible tells the story of human history and the work of God for His creation, and this story has a plot as well! Grasping the big picture will help you reconcile many seemingly contradictory, and controversial Bible passages. Achieve a fuller understanding of God's plan from Genesis to Revelation and equip yourself to share God's Word with friends and family. Consider listening to The Plot series based on Bob's manuscript of the same title. Then enjoy Bob’s book studies and see how the big picture can help you to better know the living God.

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