The Harsh Truth About Public Schools

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If you are a Christian school teacher or administrator or a homeschool parent, you have heard all the excuses and evasions Christian parents give for educating their children in the aggressively anti-Christian public schools: “But our school is different,” “Our child is salt and light,” “Our public school has some Christian teachers and administrators,” “We can’t just withdraw from the culture,” “Christian education is too expensive,” and so on.

Bruce Shortt’s The Harsh Truth About Public Schools not only explodes these feckless rationalizations for rendering Christian children unto Caesar, it also synthesizes a vast amount of research conclusively demonstrating that government schools are indeed profoundly harming our children spiritually, morally, and intellectually.

If you are a Christian school educator, The Harsh Truth About Public Schools can help your school retain students, recruit new students, and reinvigorate your staff’s enthusiasm for Christian education. If you are a homeschool curriculum provider, this book will help the families you support stay the course and become evangelists for Christian education.

Bruce Shortt, the author of The Harsh Truth About Public Schools, is a graduate of Harvard Law School, has a Ph.D. from Stanford University, was a Fulbright Scholar, serves on the board of directors of Exodus Mandate, and is a homeschooling father. Mr. Shortt and T.C. Pinckney were co-sponsors of the Christian Education Resolution that was submitted for consideration at the 2004 Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.

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