New Christians Holiday Set

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Product Overview

This Christmas set is perfect for new believers! 

This Christmas package has the perfect resources for new Christians or even strong Christians who are looking to solidify their foundation. A strong understanding of the basics is important when trying to comprehend any subject. This is especially true when it comes to the Bible and our worldviews. These products teach the foundations, and put together, they contain an abundance of information and knowledge. These lessons are presented in a way that is fun and easy to understand!

What you'll receive:
-Jesus in 66 Books of the Bible
-What We Believe & Why We Believe It
-Bob's Manuscript, The Plot

Jesus in 66 Books of the Bible: 
 Bob goes through every book of the Bible and show's the presence of the Lord in each.

What We Believe & Why We Believe It:
 In this eight part study, Bob goes through the Bible itself, God's attributes, created beings, both the old and new Testament, the overall plot of the Bible, the end times/hell, and finally eternal life in heaven!

The Plot:
When reading pastor Bob's book, the Bible gets easier to understand. Apparent contradictions plague many Bible students. The Plot demonstrates how hundreds of such contradictions disappear when the reader applies the big picture of the Bible to its details. Tunnel vision focuses so narrowly on a problem that the solution often lies just out of view. As the pastor of Denver Bible Church, Bob Enyart teaches Christians how to use the whole counsel of God to understand the plot of the Bible and solve biblical mysteries. (Missionaries in Costa Rica effectively use the Spanish translation, La Trama.)